Auction of Household Items in Fairborn Ohio

This has some wonderful Japanese Accented Items


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Removal is Monday, April 19th from 10-1PM at 156 Fitchland Dr., Fairborn Ohio.

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Online Bidding Only

Began: Monday, March 29, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT

Ended: Monday, April 12, 2021 at 6:00 PM EDT



Auction of Household Items in Fairborn Ohio!
Online Auction Starts 03/29/2021 6:00PM. Closing begins 04/12/2021 6:00PM.
Removal is Monday, April 19th from 10-1PM at 156 Fitchland Dr., Fairborn Ohio.

Featured Items

Group of Vintage Marbles and More as Pictured
The Beetle Beat, 33 RPM Record as Pictured – It appears to be in pretty good condition for age.
Two Johnny Cash 33 RPM Records as Pictured
Vintage, Chinese Pin Cushion, 2.5 Inches Tall
Amber Glass Hen On Nest, 7 Inches Long
Four Oriental Style, Wood, Hand Painted Figures as Pictured – The taller set are 7 inches tall.
5 Inch Tall, Porcelain, Chinese Panda Figure
Set of Three Wooden Geese Carvings – They appear to be rosewood and the tallest one is just over 13 inches tall.
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Auction of Household Items in Fairborn Ohio

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The Beetle Beat, 33 RPM Record as Pictured Vintage, Chinese Pin Cushion, 2.5 Inches Tall Amber Glass Hen On Nest, 7 Inches Long Four Oriental Style, Wood, Hand Painted Figures as Pictured 5 Inch Tall, Porcelain, Chinese Panda Figure
Set of 4 Watt, Stacking Mixing Bowls Set of Three Wooden Geese Carvings Pottery Vase and Small Japanese Pitcher A Shell Art Owl from Fort Walton Beach, Florida, 7 Inches Tall Unopened Set of Japanese Towels and a Toy
An Interesting Little Ceramic, Japanese Ram in Original Box with all Shown A Pair of Vintage Dolls as Pictured A 1968 Ideal Rubber Doll, 18 Inches Tall Three Japanese Ladies Figures Made with Different Mediums Large, Wood, 4 Tiered Fruit Bowl as Pictured
Three, Large Hand Carved Utensils 4 Hand Painted, Japanese, Wood Figures Five, Small, Hand Painted Japanese Figures Nice, Little Porcelain and Wood Spice Rack and Wood Tooth Pick Dispenser Nice Set of Bamboo Framed And Painted Japanese Ceramic Tiles
Interesting Set of Japanese Wood Carved Figures Four, Small Pottery, Oriental Style Figures Selection of Small Japanese Figures and Decorative Items as Pictured Pair of Vintage Mixing Bowls as Pictured Pair of Milk Glass Lamps as Pictured
Grip up of Tea Pots as Pictured Corning Ware 10 Cup Peculator in Box, Never Used Nice Group of Vintage Post Cards as Pictured Unused, Vintage Billfold and Wallets as Pictured Nikon Tele-Touch Camera, No Way to Test
Vintage, Plastic, Hanging Wall Organizer for Paper Goods 7 Inch Tall, Porcelain, Japanese, Bear Bank Vintage, Wood Japanese Figural Lamp, 13 Inches Tall 1964 Kennedy Half Paper Weight and Detroit Souvenir Paper Weight Penny Pair of Vintage Plane Cards as Pictured
Interesting Japanese Made Knife, 12 1/2 inches Long Indian Gum Card, No. 3, Chief of Konzas Tribe Vintage, Plastic Coleman Cooler and Water Jug Vintage Table Lamp as Pictured Framed Oriental Style Print, Frame Is 19 inches by 14 inches
Nice Set of Desk or Book Shelf Flags as Pictured Vintage, Whiting and Davis Metallic Change Purse and Newer Change Purse Vintage, Nikon History Puzzle in Box! Nice Group of Porcelain Items as Pictured Cool Lot of Small Collectables with Tape Measurer, Bottle Openers and More!
Set of The Great Ideas Program Books Volumes 1-10 as Pictured Pair of A&W Root Beer Mugs Set of Jars in Wood Hanger Group of Miscellaneous Small Collectables as Pictured Vintage Plastic Florida and Las Vegas Bowls
Miscellaneous Scraps of Materials, Cotton Batiste, 36 inch Blue Cotton, 7 Yards and More!! Group of Double Knit Polyester Quilt Tippers and Pieces Sewing Trims, Rick Rack and Seam Bindings as Pictured Vintage Quilting Pieces as Pictured Craft Lot as Pictured
Vintage Patterns and Material as Pictured Quilting Lot, Cotton, Polyester, Corduroy and More as Pictured Group of Vintage Patterns as Pictured Large Group of Yarn as Pictured Vintage, Plastic Sewing Box and Contents
Vintage,apolstry Fabrics as Pictured Group of Zippers as Shown in Images Scraps of Material, larger Polyester Pieces and More! Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Green, 8 inches Tall, Made in Hong Kong Miniture Glass Oil Lamp, Amber, 8 inches Tall, Made in Hong Kong
Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Clear, 7 inches Tall, Made in Hong Kong Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Amber, 9 inches Tall, Made in Hong Kong Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Green, 8 inches Tall, Made in Hong Kong Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Blue, 10 inches Tall, No Name Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Amber, No Name 8 1/2 inches Tall
Miniture Glass Oil Lamp Cooper Glass Chimeny, 9 inches Tall, Made in Hong Kong Miniature Glass Oil Lamp Clear, Made in Hong Kong, 7 inches Tall Pottery Mountain Man With Donkey, Clips on Shades, 6 1/2 inches Tall Group of Miniature Glass and Metal Oil Lamps, Tallest is 5 inches Three Mostly Glass Oil Lamps, Tallest 5 inches Tall
Four Procelain Miniature Oil Lamps, Tallest 6 inches Miniature Oil Lamp with Glass shade 7 inches Tall Two Copper Oil Lamps with Glass Chimenys Tallest 8 inches 3 Miniature Glass Oil Lamps, Spinning Wheel Has Cracked Chimeny, Tallest 10 inches Four Oriental Wall Hangings with Black Lacker Frames 7 inches by 6 inches
Set of Oriental l Style Brass Items and Miniature Change Purse, Bell is 3 1/2 inches Tall (Bigger Be Group of Buttons Wire Basket with Group of Mason Jars Oak and Glass Small Display Cabinet, 16 inches Tall 10 inches Wide 8 1/2 inches Deep Group of Wood Items, Including Nutcracker Set, Wood Fruit, Oversized Spoon and Fork, and More!
Set of Vintage Everyday Dishes, 16 Pieces, No Dinner Plates, Little Chipping, No Marks Californa Pottery Lazy Susan, Couple of Small Chips, 12 inches in Diameter Pair of Vintage Rice Cracker Tins, 14 inches Tall, 9 inches Wide and Vintage Tea Tin With Group of Books With Japanese Subject Matter 5 Pieces of Vintage Enamel Wear Pots and Pans, No Name, Some Chipping
Granite Wear Roster Roaster 16 inches Wide Vintage Group Including Vinel Wallpaper 60-70 Square ft, Cermanic Project, and Vintage Webbing for C Interesting Group of Minis Fridge Magnets and More! Vintage Set of Cermanic Canisters Group with Woks, Pans, and Cutting Boards
Large Group of Baskets, Largest Basket is 2 ft Wide Group of Vintage Kitchen Appliances, As Pictured Large Group of Oriental Themed Procelin Dishes and More! As Pictured. Group of Vintage Dolls as Pictured, Tallest 2 ft Tall Garden Lot, Gloves New, and Garden Tools
Two Vintage Plastic Baby Dolls and Proclein Figure Group of Vintage Storybook Sized Dolls, Plastic, With Homemade Clothing, Tallest 15 inches Tall Lot with Group of Vintage Dolls, With Lounge Chair Group of Copper and Alimumin Cake Molds, As Pictured Group of Sea Shells, Brought Back from Florida Trips
Vintage Wood Japanese Mintature Alter, with All Shown, 23 inches Tall, 15 1/2 Wide, 8 inches Deep Group of Vintage Keys, Locks, Shells and More, Can Not Ship and not Sure Have Keys For Lots Office Lot, Paper Shredder, Desk Lamp, Organizational File Rack, Vintage Breif Case Japanese Made Cermanic Whiskey Train, Will Need Connectors, Engine is 6 inches Tall Borden Lustor Wear Vintage Four Piece Set with Orginal Box
Old New Stock Leyse Stacked Steamer and Cook Books Group of Vintage Plaster and Cermanic Poodle Items, Poodle Plack are 1969 Miller Studio, 8 inch Tall Group of Vintage Thermos Plastic Lunch Box, Several Thermos Old New Stock Lids and Glass Tang Pitche Large Group of Kitchen Knifes as Pictured. Some Minimal to No Use Group of Vintage Proclein Items, Most of Edgewear and Chipping, Wall Pocket 8 inches Tall
Pair of Hand Cut and Painted Wheat Stock on Silk, 11 inches by 9 inches Large Group of Plastic Wear for Kitchen Johnson Brothers Group, England, Old Britian Castles, Dishes, Set of Cermanic Handle Three Vintage Japanese Lady Shoes with Straw Hat in Box Group of Hand Tools and More, As Pictured
Group of Japanese Novety Items New Japanese Tea Set in Box, Small Group of Proclein Cups in Box Group of Procelin and Brass Orential Accented Items Large Group of Proclein Items as Pictured, Birds 8 inches Tall Procelin Tea Pot and Cups, Mintatures and More!
Vintage Napkin Holder, Wood Purse Missing Handle with Broken Mirror, Painted Plastor Candle Holder Interesting Lot of Ortienal Accented Items, Fans, Proclein and More Group of Ortienal Accented Items, Includes Bamboo Plates and Plastic Items Fitton Hobnail Vase 7 inches Tall Group of Puzzles, Trouble Game, Kids Tool Pouch, and Gairfield Items
Group of Misc. Ortienal Accented Items, Boda is Plastic, Plaster Pagoda 6 inches Vintage East Wing Hammer, Small Ax, and More! Large Metal Sheers, Diamalloy Duluth Made in USA Large Group of Japanese Decor Items, As Pictured Four John Deer, 11oz, Nostalgic mugs
Craft Items, Pipe Cleaners, and Oragami, Mini Plastic Planes and More! Craftsman 1/2 inch Drill, Variable Speed/ Reversible, In Case Tested Good Burgess Safari Light Works On A/C Branswick Black Diamond Bowling Bowl, With Orginal Box, Engraved JWJ, Believed to be 13-15 Pounds 10 inch Box Fan by Holmes
Group of Outdoor Extention Cords 10-20 ft Long, and One Drop Light Vintage Tool Metal Box, Red Drawers, 10 inches Tall by 20 inches Wide Large of Group of Empty Japanese Tea Tins, Various Sizes Two Hand Carved Wall Hanging, as Pictured, 16 inches Tall Group with Vintage Banners, Silk Military, Airforce Dollies, and Japanese Velvet. As Pictured!
Beaded Purse, Leather Purse, Couple Other Used Purses, Unused Scarf, Two Fur Collars, New Headband Group of Siccors Oreintal Accent Lot with figure in Glass Case, Case is Damaged Lot with Stamps, Japanese Origami Book, Little Wood Puzzle, Book From Japan 2021 Yujiro Audio Video Lot, 33 R.P.M. Records, Cassetts, JVC VCR, Group of 45 R.P.M Records, VHS Tapes
Large Turkey Platter, Adult Cermanic Mugs, Proclein Accented Items as Pictured, Tea Pot Damaged Airforce Super Reserve Shirts (5) Medium Group of Afghan Quilting Squares, Unfinished Projects and More! Doll Clothes and Fabric As Pictured Wax Painted Squares for Quilting Groups of Unused Full Size Sheets Sets
Group of Vintage Japanese Magazines and Large Selection of Japanese Calendars Pack of White T-Shirts, Ladies Medium; 2 Large 1991 World Series Sweat Shirts Dayton Daily News Pape Large Lot of Porcelain and Glass items with 2 Plastic Banks Craftsman 9 Gallon Shopvac with All Shown Military Lot of Boots, Hats, Posters, Damaged Lighter and More!
Pete Rose Louisville Slugger Bat Chinese Pictorial Wall Fan Large Bought at Wright Patt Airforce Base 1989 Vintage Metal Green Brandford Hurricane Fan Large Lot of Oriental Linens, Afghan, Pillows and More! Dickie Braid Rug 60 inches by 90 inches
Corner Wood Cabinet, 69 inches Tall 32 inches across Kero-sun Radiant 10 Fired Heater Lawn Tools, As Pictured, Brooms, Rakes, Shovel and More! Reed and Barton House Wear Stainless Steel, As Pictured Calvin Klein Black Leather Purse with Tags
Courtney Gold Plated Flatware Set, Two Toned Sliver and Gold Group of Vintage Clothing, Size Small/Medium Aquarium Stand, Set of 50ML Glasses and Miksa Footed Platter, Magazine Rack, Sundae Glass Dishes Sears Electric Hedge Trimmer, Weed Eater, Gas Feather Light Blower, No Way to Test with No Gas Plant Stand with Broken Cermanic Planters, Some Planters are Broke, As Pictured
Plastic Trash Can Lot, Contains Various Items in 3 Trash Cans, As Pictured, One Can is Missing Lid Group of two Step Folding Ladder, Lawn Chairs, Cabinent Four Drawers Distressed, Platic Stool Wall Lot in Garage! Starter Kit. Measuring Items, Sound Design Boombox with Dirty Knob, Saw and Ax 4ft Metal Shelf Vintage 2 Gallon Plastic Gas Can, 2 1/2 Gallon Can and Sprayer
Black and Decker 10 Inch Miter Saw, Working Condition Vintage Chirstmas Lot, Glass Tree Candy Jar, Wooden Decor Items, Santa Inlcuded and More As Pictured Craftsman 7 1/4 inch Circular Saw and Master Craft Jigsaw Group with Vintage Radio, Homemade Decor, Pest Control, and Car Jack, As Pictured Partial Set of Pink Orcid China, 36 Pieces, as Pictured, Two Tea Cups, Minor Chipping, Little Dirty
Bench Top Metal Bin, Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Nails and More! Speedway Series Refridgator Dolly 3 Piece Ladder Set, Tallest is 8ft Ladder, All Well Used 5.3 cubic ft Hoilday Chest Freezer, Was Working in Garage Vintage Table and Chairs, Well Used, Rough Shape, Wooden Boxes, Curtains VIntage, Wooden Cabinet
Rolling Toolbox Base with Wood Shelf On Top, Toolbox 26 inches Tall Reproduction Table With Four Red Vinyl Chairs, Little Rough Condition Sea Horse Bird Bath, Concrete, As Pictured, Top Upside Down, It Has Been Outside and Has Some Wear Craftsman 3 Horse Power, 20 inch Snow Blower Youth Wood Picnic Table, Homemade; 19 inches Tall, 3 ft Wide
Concrete Pagoda, It Had Been Outside and Shows Usage, Cracks and Wear with Condition Issues, 2 ft. T Large Picnic Table, On Back Patio Plant Stand with Plants, As Pictured Cabinet Lot Next to Refrigerator with Mostly a Set of Japanese Stoneware Dishes Two Cabinets Contents of Corelle Dishes, Glasses and More as Pictured
Two Drawers of Kitchen Utensils Next to the Sink Smaller, Kenmore Microwave Oven, 700 Watt, Working in Home Hand Made Afghan Blanket, 78" x 72", Red and White Hand Made Afghan Throw, 68" x 89" Hand Made Afghan Throw, 69" x 72"
Hand Made Afghan Blanket, 77' x 84" Lazy-Boy Rocker Recliner, It has some Wear From Use, The Seat Seems to Be Sinking a Bit Wood Coffee Table, 62" wide and 22' Deep Blue, Hide-A-Bed Sofa in Decent Conditon Solid Wood, Drum Syle Lamp Table
Vintage, Hard Rock Maple Rocker Sanyo, Sing Along System Pat-M2 LG, 26 Inch Flat Screen Television Working with No Remote Vintage Wooden, Beaded, Wall Hanging, 2 Feet Tall And 32 Inches Wide Three Chenille Bedspreads in Fair Condition
Machine Made Quilt, 91 Inches by 75 inches Pair of Painted Glass Lamps as Pictured Plastic and Wood Lamp Table with Glass Insert Group of Vintage Records as Pictured An Afghan, Vintage Blanket and Quilt with Three Laundry Baskets as Pictured
Bradford Solid State, Console Stereo, Working! Vintage Green Clothes Hamper, 2 Feet Tall Nice, Hand Tied Quilt with Liner, 88 Inches by 73 inches Set of Three, Appear Hand Painted Tile Art Pieces from WWII Era Two, Very Nice, Vintage Japanese, Hand Made, Crewel Style Stitch, Framed Art Pieces
What Appears to be a Hand Painted Cloth or Towel from Japan Contents of Closet in Back Left Bedroom of Home. Entire Bedroom Set in Back Left Bedroom of Home Broyhill, Fiberboard Dresser with Mirror Wood Head Board and Hollywood Frame with Sealy Posturepedic, Full Size Mattress and Box Spring; This
Metal Book Shelf, 35 Inches Tall and 31 inches Wide Group of Clothes in Master Bedroom Closet as Pictured Keep Safe Floor Safe in Master Bedroom Antique Singer Sewing Machine in Sewing Cabinet Small, Wood Book Case with Sliding Glass Doors
Hall Closet of Coats and Jackets Fiber Board Desk and Microwave Stand Single Door, Metal Storage Cabinet, 66 Inches Tall and 18 Inches Wide Two Drawer Metal File Cabinet, 28 inches tall


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